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Walton 1913 5-cent coin on display at Baltimore

The fabled Walton specimen of the 1913 Liberty Head 5-cent coin will be displayed by Heritage Auctions during the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo.

The coin will be viewable all day Thursday, March 14, and Friday, March 15, and until about noon on Saturday, March 16, at the Heritage Auctions booth, No. 153, in Hall A of the Baltimore Convention Center, One West Pratt St.

According to Heritage Auctions officials, the coin is expected to sell for $2.5 million or more when the firm offers it at auction April 25 during the Central State Numismatic Society 74th Annual Convention in Schaumburg, Ill.

One of only five known 1913 Liberty 5-cent coins, it was consigned by the heirs of George O. Walton, a North Carolina collector who acquired the coin in the mid-1940s for a reported $3,750.

He had it with him when he was killed in a car crash on March 9, 1962. Newspaper reports of the accident recounted that law enforcement officers retrieved hundreds of coins scattered from the crash, including the 1913 Liberty 5-cent coin still in the custom-made plastic holder Walton kept it in.

“Our Mother [Melva Givens of Salem, Virginia] was one of Uncle George’s five heirs, and eventually she received the coin after being told it was suspected of being an altered date [fake],” said Ryan Givens of Salem, Va., one of Walton’s nephews who consigned the 1913 Liberty 5-cent coin to Heritage Auctions with his two sisters and his brother.

“She kept the nickel in a box with family items in the closet, and it stayed there for decades,” Givens recalled.

For more information about the Walton 1913 Liberty 5-cent coin and the upcoming auction, contact Heritage Auctions by telephoning 800-872-6467, or visit the firm’s website at

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