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Variety, error cents among auction highlights

A 1969-S Lincoln, Doubled Die Obverse cent and a triple-struck 1893 Indian Head cent are among the more than 400 United States coin lots to be offered July 15 by Krueger & Krueger LLC at the Hilton Garden Inn, 1801 Deming Way, in Middleton, Wis.

The 1969-S Lincoln, Doubled Die Obverse cent, which shows strong Class I or rotated hub doubling, is certified by Professional Coin Grading Service as Genuine — Surface Damage — AU Details.

The auction lot includes documentation detailing the coin’s provenance as once belonging to San Mateo, Calif., collector Guy Giaimo, who submitted the coin to the U.S. Mint for authentication in 1980 and had it returned by government officials as being genuine.

For a time, the government considered the genuine 1969-S Lincoln, Doubled Die Obverse cent to be of suspect authenticity because of the appearance of some counterfeit 1969 Lincoln, Doubled Die Obverse cents. Although some of the genuine 1969-S varieties were confiscated by the Secret Service, the coins were later judged genuine and returned to their owners.

The triple-struck 1893 Indian Head cent was the cover coin for Frank G. Spadone’s Major Variety and Oddity Guide of United States Coins, fourth edition, published in 1967. The coins was struck on center, then a second time 65 percent off center and a third time at 70 percent off center.

The coin is encapsulated PCGS Genuine — Surface Damage.

The coin has remained in the Oelke Family Collection for more than 50 years after being obtained by Elmer and Florence Oelke circa 1959/1960 from a tavern owner in New London, Wis. According to Krueger & Krueger, Elmer Oelke had received a tip from one of his milk route customers that the triple-struck cent had been the talk of the tavern one night. Oelke went to the tavern and was able to negotiate with its owner to secure the error cent.

Lot viewing for the July 15 auction begins at 8:30 a.m. Central Daylight Time the day of the sale, with the auction starting at 10 a.m. To view the lots at the firm’s offices at 185 N. Main St. in Iola, Wis., contact the firm’s help line at 715-630-5521. Email inquiries may be sent to, and a full auction listing with photos may be found online at ¦

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