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US Mint reopens WWI Coin and Medal sets sales

The U.S. Army Coin & Medal set remains the most popular among collectors of the five World War I silver medals, but sales have fallen with order cancellations.

Original images courtesy of U.S. Mint.

Cancellation of an undisclosed number of orders for the five 2018 World War I American Veterans Centennial Coin and Medal sets resulted in the U.S. Mint reopening sales July 31 for the limited-edition numismatic product.

The set combines a Proof 2018-P WWI silver dollar combined with a .999 fine silver medal bearing designs reflective of one of the five military branches in action during World War I: the United States Army, the United States Navy, the United States Marines, the United States Coast Guard and the United States Air Service.

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The sets were limited to a combined release of 100,000 sets and were sold for a 30-day period. The original sales period opened at noon Eastern Time on Jan. 17 and ended at 3 p.m. Feb. 20, with 62,773 sets sold overall, of the maximum 100,000 authorized.

The reopening of sales will result in the mintages for each set being revised. U.S. Mint officials did not disclose how many sets from the total were available when they were placed back on sale. Officials have not said whether the reopened sales period will be indefinite or only until the previous sales total is reached.

Original sales totals

The U.S. Army medal set recorded the highest sales. U.S. Mint officials announced Feb. 21 the following Coin and Medal set sales figures:

??U.S. Army, 15,609

??U.S. Navy, 12,223

??U.S. Air Service, 12,495

??U.S. Marines Corps, 12,631

??U.S. Coast Guard, 9,815

Revised numbers

After a number or orders were canceled, the U.S. Mint revised the sales numbers.

Here are the sales for each medal as of April 8, compared to their Feb. 21 totals immediately after sales had ended: 

?U.S. Army, 15,105

?U.S. Navy, 11,941

?U.S. Air Service, 12,066

?U.S. Marines Corps, 12,194

?U.S. Coast Guard, 9,401


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