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US Army Coin and Medal sets proves top seller

The 30-day sales period for the World War I American Veterans Centennial Coin and Medal sets ended at 3 p.m. Feb. 20, with 62,773 sets sold overall, of the maximum 100,000 authorized.

The U.S. Army medal set recorded the highest sales, at 15,609.

The medals celebrate the five different U.S. military services that served in the war.

Following the 30-day ordering period that began at noon Eastern Time Jan. 17, U.S. Mint officials announced Feb. 21 the following Coin and Medal set sales figures:

??U.S. Army 15,609

??U.S. Navy 12,223

??U.S. Air Service 12,495

??U.S. Marines Corps 12,631

??U.S. Coast Guard 9,815

Also as of Feb. 21, the U.S. Mint reports sales of 38,729 of the single Proof silver dollars and 15,800 of the Uncirculated dollar coins. The silver dollar coins continue on sale. 

Total combined sales of the silver dollars are 117,302 coins over all product options. The maximum production and release authorized under Public Law 113-212 is 350,000 coins combined in Proof and Uncirculated.

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The coin and medal sets, offered at $99.95 per set, each contain a Proof 2018-P .900 fine silver dollar and one Proof .999 fine silver medal honoring one of the five armed forces during World War I — the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Service, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Navy, or the U.S. Marine Corps.

The coin and medal set release was limited to 100,000 sets, with the number of individual medals determined by the orders placed.

During the restricted sales period, single Proof and Uncirculated silver dollars were offered at introductory prices. With the close of the set sales period, prices for each individual silver dollar have increased by $5 per coin, to $56.95 for the Proof version and $53.95 for the Uncirculated version. Those higher regular issue prices will remain in effect through Dec. 31.

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