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United States Mint website not compatible with all computers

The United States Mint's Order Management System launched Oct. 1 for its updated website is apparently not totally compatible for computers whose Web browsers are more than a few years old.

A Coin World reader sent an email Oct. 10 with the following plea, which Coin World forwarded to the U.S. Mint for a response.

"You may want to research the fact that the new US Mint website for ordering and products is NOT functional on all computers!" the reader wrote. "It appears as if the new site will only work with operating systems that are compatible with this system, which effectively locks out most systems that are 4+ years old.

 "This information was provided to me by a US Mint representative and can have an effect on the 65+ generation who does not update their computer every year. Please research and make the reading public aware of this potential problem.”

U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White provided an immediate email response.

"Thanks for sharing this feedback. The call center and the Mint have received few calls and emails from people having this problem," according to White's email. "Customers are encouraged to check and update online browsers that are 3+ years old.

"That said, the new website and online catalog is compatible with browsers 2-3 years old. However, for optimal viewing and to maximize the increased functionality, the new system requires a more current browser, such as one of the following: Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), Chrome or Firefox, all of which can be downloaded.

"If the person is still having problems, they can contact the Call Center to inquire about products or place orders (1-800-USA-MINT)."

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