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Uncirculated gold American Eagle making debut

The Uncirculated 2018-W gold American Eagle $50 coin is limited to a maximum release of 10,000 coins when it is offered for sale by the U.S. Mint on July 12.

Images courtesy of United States Mint.

The Uncirculated 2018-W American Eagle 1-ounce gold coin will go on sale at noon ET July 12 from the U.S. Mint as a limited-edition numismatic product, a restriction that is a departure from procedures for past issues, including the 2017 and 2016 coins.

The 2018-W coin is limited to 10,000 coins overall, but with no household ordering limit. Pricing will be announced closer to the release date.

The Uncirculated 2017-W American Eagle gold coin was offered with no limits on production or household orders. The Mint’s last sales report on which that coin’s total sales were listed is the Nov. 5, 2017, report, which indicates sales of 5,800 of them. Mint spokesman Michael White provided Coin World July 2 with a final sales figure of 5,698 coins.

The 2016 edition was also offered with no limits on production or household orders.

With gold trading July 2 at $1,247.80 per troy ounce on the London market, the U.S. Mint’s pricing grid for precious metals coins containing gold or platinum indicates pricing for the Uncirculated 2018-W American Eagle gold coin is likely to open July 12 at approximately $1,540, unless the spot price of the metal undergoes wild swings in the interim.


The 2017-W issue was last offered for $1,575 when it was removed from sale and classified as sold out.

The U.S. Mint introduced the Uncirculated finish in 2006 on silver and gold American Eagles to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the American Eagle coin series. In 2006, the Mint recorded sales of 45,912 of the 1-ounce gold Uncirculated coins, but only 5,708 in the single-coin option. The remainder of sales were coins included in multi-coin, limited edition sets combining 1-ounce gold and 1-ounce silver Uncirculated issues, and the 1-ounce gold Uncirculated coin as part of a four-coin set with three Uncirculated gold fractional issues.

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Below are the final sales for each of the subsequent Uncirculated American Eagle gold coins:

??2007-W, 18,606

??2008-W, 12,387

??2009-W, No Uncirculated American Eagle gold coins were produced because all unfinished planchets were diverted to meet heightened gold bullion coin output.

??2010-W, No Uncirculated gold American Eagle was offered, with planchets again being reserved for bullion coin production.

??2011-W, 8,822

??2012-W, 5,829

??2013-W, 7,293

??2014-W, 7,902

??2015-W, 6,533

??2016-W, 6,888 

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