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U.S. Mint suspends signature delivery option

The U.S. Mint has suspended all signature-required services for the delivery of U.S. Mint products.

Image courtesy of Federal Express.

The United States Mint has suspended signature-required options for delivering numismatic product orders because many carriers are not requiring signatures, among many COVID-19 safety precautions.

Shipping will continue, with products being delivered without the requirement that the carrier receive the recipient’s signature as proof of delivery.

“As a result of the on-going COVID 19 pandemic, many carriers are not requiring signatures for signature-required deliveries,” according to a statement released Nov. 30 by U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White. “Carriers have stated that they are following a ‘knock and verify’ policy for signature-required packages, though many of our customers have told us that this is not happening in practice. This is not a situation over which the United States Mint has any control.

“To avoid customers paying for a service that they are not receiving, or having an expectation that we know will not be met, the United States Mint will cease offering signature-required shipments.

“Effective December 1, 2020, the United States Mint will stop paying for, or offering for a fee, signature-required shipments. As carrier policies return to normal, we will implement the ability for customers to opt in and pay for signature-required delivery for their orders.”

Previously, many signature-required deliveries were first shipped from the Mint’s contracted order fulfillment center in Memphis, Tennessee, by FEDEX, to a U.S. Postal Service depot from where final delivery was made by the USPS.

In some instances the U.S. Mint also secured the delivery services of United Parcel Service (UPS) and DHL.

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