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U.S. Mint redesigns, updates website for faster

The United States Mint has redesigned and updated its website at Mint officials say the changes should make user navigation of the website easier.

The catalog section, accessible from a link on the Mint website’s home page, now has the same navigation features as all other pages of the website.

The catalog section also has links for tracking orders and identifying what new products have been or will be introduced.

On the bottom of every page of the Mint’s website is what officials refer to as a “fat footer.” The fat footer is a quick index to quickly access the major content areas of the site from any page.

A new header appearing on every page is designed to provide quicker access to helpful content and tools. Through this header, the Mint has added buttons at the top of the home page and other pages that allow access to major features of the website.

For example, all major products are listed under the “Shop” heading, found near the top of the home page and other pages.

The “Product Schedule” heading at the top of each page provides a chronological listing of dates for scheduled product releases.

The new “Learn” heading on the site consolidates coin programs, education and other background information onto one page.

The Learn page “is the front door to information about coin and medal programs, collecting, the coin creation process, our education program, our game-filled kids site, our history, and our artists who design and craft our coins,” according to the Mint.

The Learn page section includes a “How Coins Are Made” link. The linked page provides a detailed, illustrative look at the coin production process.

In addition, more than 300 lesson plans are offered free to educators teaching grades kindergarten through 12, and more than 30 online games associated with coinage are available.

The Customer Service link has been enhanced with additional details for answering frequently asked questions and where to get answers for topics not listed, according to the Mint.

The new global (site-wide) navigation is the same in all areas of the website.

Each page also has quick access to account information and order status. Customer information is accessible only to the customer using his or her individual account user identification and password.

The left navigation menu on high-level pages has been modified to match the content listed in the new footer. ¦

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