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U.S. Mint raises prices on selected 2023 product offerings

The United States Mint announced online Feb. 8 via the Federal Register that the bureau has raised prices on more than 20 numismatic products involving 2023 U.S. coins.

Prices on some products were last raised in 2020, and others in January 2021.

“Price increases are a last resort, but these increases are necessary at this time so that we can continue to produce products with the highest level quality that our customers have come to expect,” U.S. Mint Spokesman Michael White informed Coin World via email Feb. 8. “The Mint last had a general price increase in 2020; in the intervening period, the Mint’s costs for materials and labor have risen dramatically, similar to other industries.

“As a result, we must increase prices in order to ensure the numismatic program remains self-supporting, as required by statute.”

Pricing for some 2022 coins and sets still available from U.S. Mint inventory also have been hiked to the new 2023 levels for any new orders.

Prices for Proof and Uncirculated 2023 Morgan and Peace silver dollars are increased from the levels of 2021 when the two series were introduced. The U.S. Mint did not produce any Morgan and Peace dollars in 2022 because of problems with acquiring sufficient blanks for the program.

The 2023 price changes, with the new price listed first (followed by 2022 or 2121 prices) are:
➤ Proof 2023-W American Eagle silver dollar, $80 ($73).
➤ Proof 2023-S American Eagle silver dollar, $80 ($73).
➤ Uncirculated 2023-W American Eagle silver dollar, $76 ($67).
➤ 2023-S Proof set, $35 ($32).
➤ 2023-S Silver Proof set, $130 ($105).
➤ 2023-S Limited Edition Silver Proof set, $220 ($201).
➤ United States Mint Uncirculated Coin set, $29 ($25.25).
➤ United States Mint Congratulations set, $82 ($75).
➤ 2023-S American Women Quarters Proof set, $23 ($21).
➤ American Women Quarters Silver Proof set, $80 ($73).
➤ Proof 2023-S Morgan dollar, $80.
➤ Uncirculated 2023-P Morgan dollar, $76 (2021, $85).
➤ Proof 2023-S Peace dollar, $80.
➤ Uncirculated 2023-P Peace dollar, $76 (2021, $85).
➤ 2023-P American Liberty silver medal, $82 ($75).
➤ 2023 United States Mint Ornament, $35 ($30.95).
➤ Mighty Minters Ornament, $35 ($30.95).
➤ American Women Quarters Ornament, $35 ($30.95).
➤ 2023-P American Women Quarters 100-coin bag — Philadelphia, circulation quality finish, $45 ($40).
➤ 2023-D American Women Quarters 100-coin bag — Denver, circulation quality finish, $45 ($40).
➤ American Women Quarters Two-Roll set — Philadelphia, Denver, circulation quality finish, $40 ($36).
➤ American Women Quarters Three-Roll set — Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, circulation quality finish, $60 ($54).

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