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U.S. Mint public tours still on pandemic hiatus

The public tour of the Denver Mint is still closed.

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The United States Mint still has not determined when it plans to reopen public tours at both the Denver Mint and Philadelphia Mint.

The tours have been closed since mid-March 2020 when COVID-19 safety restrictions were first implemented.

“There is currently no timeline for reopening of the tours at Denver and Philadelphia,” U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White told Coin World July 2 via email. “We continue to enforce and evaluate COVID-19 protocols to ensure the continued safety of our employees and the public. Tour staff at the facilities are scanning, organizing and archiving historical documents; updating educational and outreach materials, and conducting virtual tours, with plans to present more.”

The public tour at the Denver Mint is led by tour guides and for years has been one of the most popular tourists attractions in the state of Colorado.

The tour at the Philadelphia Mint, when it operated, was self-guided, allowing visitors up-close access to view historical artifacts on display. From the mezzanine level, visitors were able to physically view coin production from elevated vantage points.

However, the Mint now offers a new U.S. Mint Virtual Tours mobile app.

According to the Mint, numismatists of all ages can go behind-the-scenes at the Philadelphia Mint to see how coins are made. They can explore the production floors and follow the steps of circulating coin creation through videos, images, and 3-D models. Along the way, the app allows viewers to collect hidden coins. This app is the first in a series of virtual tours that will showcase Mint facilities.

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