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Two American Liberty High Relief silver medals in 2016

After nixing a silver American Liberty, High Relief medal in 2015, the U.S. Mint is planning to strike two medals in 2016 at two different Mints.

Plans for the two silver medals were included in the Mint’s product schedule for 2016 released Dec. 20 on the Mint’s website at

United States Mint officials have not yet announced a release date or dates for the American Liberty, High Relief silver medals.

The 2016 medals, to be struck on the same 1-ounce .999 fine silver planchets as American Eagle silver bullion coins, are to be struck at both the West Point and San Francisco Mints.

The medals are to bear the same obverse and reverse designs that appear on the 2015-W American Liberty, High Relief gold $100 coins, except without coin inscriptions.

U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White confirmed Dec. 22 that the two American Liberty, High Relief silver medals will be dated 2016 and bear the respective W or S Mint mark of the production facility where each medal is struck.

U.S. officials have not disclosed what inscriptions, if any, beyond date and Mint mark, will appear on the two 2016 silver medals.

Also not yet disclosed is whether the medals will carry a Proof finish, an Uncirculated finish or some other finish, and whether the edge will be smooth as medals traditionally are, or reeded like the 2015-W American Liberty, High Relief gold $100 coin.

No additional details as to mintages or ordering limits have been announced.

U.S. Mint officials announced July 13 that a silver American Liberty, High Relief medal would not be issued in 2015 as originally projected and that the gold $100 coin would not be an annual product.

The silver medals are an extension of a silver arts medal program championed by members of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. 

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