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Truman Presidential dollar products go on sale Feb. 5

The Harry S. Truman Presidential dollar coins go on sale in bags, rolls and boxes Feb. 5.

Images courtesy of U.S. Mint.

Sales by the United States Mint of circulation-quality 2015 Harry S. Truman Presidential dollars in rolls, bags and boxes begin at noon Eastern Time Feb. 5.

The coins are struck at the Denver and Philadelphia Mints.

The D Mint mark of the Denver Mint and P Mint mark of the Philadelphia Mint appear incuse on the edge of the Presidential dollars struck at the respective production facility along with the date, E PLURIBUS UNUM and 13 stars.

The coins are available in 25-coin rolls from each Mint for $32.95 per roll; 100-coin bags for $111.95; and 250-coin boxes, filled with 10 of the 25-coin rolls, for $275.95.

The circulation-quality coins are struck on burnished planchets. The planchets are struck once on a coinage press capable of striking more than 750 coins per minute.

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