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VOTE: What was the top numismatic story of 2016?

What was the biggest numismatic story of 2016? Vote in our Coin World poll!

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These last couple of weeks, Coin World has been publishing recaps of what our editors pegged as the 10 biggest numismatic stories of 2016

Now we want to know what our readers think!

Vote in our poll below, which features the 10 stories we selected. If your favorite story of 2016 is not included in that list, vote "Something Else" and tell us what it was in a comment at the bottom of this post. 

In case you need a little refresher course before you cast your vote, here is a look back at the Coin World Top 10 as selected by our editorial staff, in no particular order: 

U.S. Mint issues gold Centennial coins
Pogue IV auction tops $16 million
Rare English gold coin found in toy box
Boutique bullion trend catches on worldwide
Langbord 1933 double eagle case rolls on
1974-D aluminum cent returned to U.S. Mint
Treasury announces new Federal Reserve note designs
1964 Morgan dollar tooling uncovered
American Liberty silver medal released
U.S. Mint plans yearlong 225th anniversary party

Now cast your vote!

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