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Thomas Uram elected to position as next ANA president

Thomas Uram is slated to become the 63rd president of the American Numismatic Association.

Image courtesy of Thomas Uram.

The American Numismatic Association announced July 3 that Thomas J. Uram is slated to become the ANA’s 63rd president during the World’s Fair of Money in Pittsburgh, in Uram’s home state of Pennsylvania.

Uram officially received one vote, all that was necessary to win since the race was uncontested. In accordance with ANA bylaws, ballots for uncontested offices are not tabulated. Only the first vote is counted.

Mark Lighterman is vice president-elect, after edging out incumbent governor Rob Oberth.

The ANA Board of Governors will welcome six new members for the 2023–2025 election term: John S. Brush, David G. Heinrich, Lori H. Kraft, Henry Mitchell, Phyllis A. Ross and Kenny Sammut. Incumbent member Mary Lynn Garrett was re-elected and received the most votes among board candidates.

In the event that a board member cannot fulfill the term, the runner-up will fill the vacant seat for the remainder of the two-year term.

The new board will be sworn in at the annual ANA Banquet on Aug. 11, at the show.

Uram will succeed current President Ralph Ross, who will serve as a nonvoting, ex-officio member of the board of governors.

NA members had the option to vote by either electronic or paper ballot.

Out of 4,564 total voters, 2,731 cast votes by paper ballot while 1,833 members voted electronically, representing 40.16% of the votes cast.

Overall, 20,722 ANA members were eligible to vote in this election; 22.02% of eligible voters participated.

Contested races vote totals

For vice president
Mark Lighterman, 2,437
Rob Oberth, 1,932

Candidates for governor
Mary Lynn Garrett, 2,941
Lori H. Kraft, 2,640
Phyllis A. Ross, 2,557
Kenny Sammut, 2,460
Henry Mitchell, 2,450
David G. Heinrich, 2,437
John S. Brush, 2,108

Unelected candidates for governor
Patrick McBride, 2,022
Philip Vitale, 1,957
Jeff Rosinia, 1,950
Emile Mestressat, 1,797
Richard Jozefiak, 1,738.

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