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Thomas Jefferson third in silver medal series

A 1-ounce .999 fine silver medal depicting the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, was scheduled to go on sale at noon Eastern Time Jan. 25 from the U.S. Mint.

The 1.5-inch medal is the third issue in an ongoing silver medal series honoring the nation’s chief executives.

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The medals are offered at $39.95, the same price as 3-inch bronze medals the Mint offers with different subjects.

The silver medals are offered without product limit or order limit since the product is part of the Mint’s ongoing medallic catalog.

The Mint introduced the silver medals Aug. 16, with the George Washington and John Adams medals. As of Jan. 20, the Mint recorded sales of 17,091 of the Washington medals and 13,083 of the Adams medals.

The reverse design for the Jefferson medal is the same as that used on the Washington and Adams medals.

While the Mint’s product description for the Jefferson obverse does not designate an artist or engraver, the portrait resembles, in most details, that from the 1801-dated Jefferson Indian peace medal rendered by Chief Engraver Robert Scot.

The reverse depicts U.S. Mint Engraver John Reich’s Peace and Friendship design employed on the reverse of many 19th century Indian peace medals. The design features at the top a peace pipe crossing a tomahawk above hands clasped in a handshake of friendship, one hand a soldier’s and the other a Native American chief’s.

As on Scot’s original Peace and Friendship design, the wrist of the Native American chief is adorned with a wide bracelet engraved with an eagle motif, while the soldier’s wrist is cuffed in a uniform. 

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