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The Proof is in roll searching: Found in Rolls

Found in Rolls column from April 11, 2016, Weekly issue of Coin World:

My finds for this month were numerous and varied. What I really find interesting is that each discovery represents a type of coin that should not be found in rolls, yet they turned up anyway.

One coin was an older obsolete coin. Other pieces were composed of silver. Some were not issued for regular circulation and one was a coin originally minted to be a part of a Proof set.

As reported in my Dec. 14, 2015, column, I had discovered an unusual number of Indian Head cents hidden within $20 worth of cent rolls that I had originally acquired during the previous September. Found were 13 collectible old coins bearing dates that ranged from 1893 through 1907. After that discovery, I did not really expect to find any more pre-Lincoln type cents in rolls in the near future, but I was happily mistaken. 

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One recently obtained roll of cents produced yet another old Indian Head cent, dated 1896. I graded this piece as Good 4 since no letters of LIBERTY are visible on the Indian’s headband. I was once again surprised by the discovery of a 120-year-old coin apparently circulating, since it was mixed in with many current Lincoln cents, including several dated 2016. 

My next fun finds were discovered in rolls of machine-wrapped half dollars. A nicely toned 1963-D Franklin half dollar was mixed in with a batch of Kennedy halves that were mostly minted in the 1970s. Other half dollar finds included two 1968-D silver-copper clad pieces and several post-2001 pieces. Kennedy halves that were issued after 2001 were not intended for general circulation, but I do find large numbers of them in rolls. 

The fact is that, even though they are minted in relatively low numbers by today’s standards, I find so many later dated Kennedy halves that I only keep those I estimate to be graded higher than Mint State 65.

Finally, a single roll of 25 small-sized dollar coins produced the Proof 2007-S James Madison, Presidential dollar illustrated above. This coin has a reported mintage of 3,965,989 pieces and is valued at about $6 in Proof 65.

Of course a circulated Proof coin with some marks and evidence of fingerprints upon it would not grade as Proof 65. Still, this coin is a Proof issue and, as such, it was a pretty unusual find in a roll of mixed dollar coins. 

I really get a kick out of finding coins like these since they shouldn’t really be in circulation in the first place.

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