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The Month of September: Senate approves Lincoln $1

Numismatic events during the month of September include:

Week of Sept. 1 to 7

SEPT. 1, 1674, Joseph Blandchard and George Grimes charged with coining base money in Massachusetts.

SEPT. 2, 1789, Congress passes act creating Treasury Department, second oldest department in the government.

SEPT. 3, 2002, Bob Kerstein of receives Securities and Exchange Commission position letter enabling sale of uncanceled stock certificates from publicly traded companies as collectibles.

SEPT. 4, 2007, Senate concurs with House bill providing for commemorative reverses for Sacagawea dollar coins.

SEPT. 5, 1979, Canada puts its first Maple Leaf gold bullion coin on sale.

SEPT. 6, 1966, American Numismatic Association breaks ground for Colorado Springs, Colo., headquarters.

SEPT. 7, 1819, Second Bank of the United States issues bank notes.

Week of Sept. 8 to 14

SEPT. 8, 2006, Senate passes by unanimous consent House version of legislation calling for Abraham Lincoln birth bicentennial silver dollar.

SEPT. 9, 1795, Mint pays John Eckstein for plaster dollar models.

SEPT. 13, 1837, Dr. Lewis Feuchtwanger petitions Congress to accept his substitute coinage alloy.

SEPT. 14, 2001, Robert Hoge assumes duties as American Numismatic Society’s curator of American coins and currency.

Week of Sept. 15 to 21

SEPT. 15, 1936, New Netherlands Coin Co. formed.

SEPT. 15, 1967, coppers collector Dr. Warren A. Lapp introduces Penny Wise.

SEPT. 17, 1795, first delivery of U.S. gold $10 eagles.

SEPT. 20, 1786, Continental Congress passes an ordinance for establishing a Mint and regulating the value and alloy of coinage.

SEPT. 21, 1861, Confederate Treasury Department Circular No. 12 fixes the legal tender status of English, French and Spanish/Mexican gold coins.

Week of Sept. 22 to 28

SEPT. 23, 1961, Senate confirms Eva Adams as U.S. Mint director.

SEPT. 24, 1955, Stack’s sells Frank A. Limpert Collection.

SEPT. 24, 1997, Rep. Michael Castle, R-Del., introduces House version of 50 State Quarters Program.

SEPT. 25, 1987, R.M. Smythe sells Douglas Ball Confederate Collection at Virginia Numismatic Association convention.

SEPT. 25, 2002, Philadelphia Mint employee Raymond Jackson pleads guilty to selling dollar-quarter dollar coin mule.

SEPT. 28, 1885, Charles Barber’s copy dies of DuVivier’s Washington Before Boston medal completed.

Week of Sept. 29 to 30

SEPT. 30, 1850, Congress authorizes U.S. Assay Office in San Francisco.

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