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The month of September: Mint unveils Eisenhower dollar

Numismatic events during the month of September include:

Week of Sept. 1 to 8

Sept. 1, 1791, original termination date set by Congress for redemption of Continental Currency at rate of $100 paper to $1 specie.

Sept. 2, 1814, New York City Council authorizes municipal scrip from 1 cent to 12½ cents.

Sept. 5, 1914, proclamation prohibits Canadian Mint from issuing gold coins.

Sept. 6, 2002, Federal Reserve reports Kennedy half dollar supplies clog federal vaults.

Sept. 8, 1779, George Washington writes associate John Taylor that he received a counterfeit bill.

Week of Sept. 9 to 15

Sept. 9, 2004, finest known 1854 Kellogg & Co. $20 pioneer gold coin listed on eBay with $2 million “Buy Now” price.

Sept. 10, 1919, Virgil Brand acquires original “Confederate cent” dies from Judson Brenner.

Sept. 11, 1952, Sociedad Numismatica de Mexico founded.

Sept. 14, 1990, Christie’s New York offers first selection from American Bank Note Co. archives, featuring early American bank notes.

Sept. 15, 2001, Salt Springs Island (Canada) dollars local currency introduced.

Week of Sept. 16 to 22

Sept. 16, 2004, Mint officials unveil 2005 Westward Journey 5-cent coin reverse designs.

Sept. 17, 1868, “Bureau of Engraving and Printing” becomes official title for the currency production bureau.

Sept. 19, 1857, Austrian Imperial patent permits continued restriking of Maria Theresa talers.

Sept. 20, 1877, Chase National Bank opens in New York City.

Sept. 21, 1951, Congress authorizes Washington/Carver commemorative half dollar.

Sept. 22, 1795, production of gold $10 eagles commences at Philadelphia Mint.

Week of Sept. 23 to 29

Sept. 23, 1861, last Confederate States of America Richmond first issue $50 and $100 notes issued.

Sept. 24, 1955, Stack’s sells Frank A. Limpert Collection.

Sept. 25, 1989, U.S. Mint unveils Eisenhower commemorative silver dollar designs to public.

Sept. 26, 1890, Congress eliminates gold dollar, gold $3 and copper-nickel 3-cent coins.

Sept. 27, 1995, Treasury officials unveil new face and back designs for Series 1996 $100 “NextGen” Federal Reserve notes.

Sept. 28, 1955, Professional Numismatists Guild incorporates.

Sept. 29, 1938, Mint Director Nellie Tayloe Ross receives three experimental Jefferson 5-cent coins produced at Philadelphia Mint, forwards one to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and one to Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr.

Week of Sept. 30

Sept. 30, 1794, Mint engraver Robert Scot paid $300 salary for three months.

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