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The month of November: U.S. Mint coins High Relief $20

Numismatic events during the month of November include:

Week of Nov. 1 to 3

Nov. 1, 1893, silver purchase laws expire by order of President Grover Cleveland.

Nov. 2, 1835, United States purchases Charlotte Mint site for $1,500.

Nov. 3, 1860, James Ross Snowden issues his last Mint director’s report.

Week of Nov. 4 to 10

Nov. 4, 1874, second San Francisco Mint, “The Granite Lady,” opens.

Nov. 5, 1857, Maryland Historical Society memorializes (petitions) Congress to authorize a medal department at the Philadelphia Mint.

Nov. 6, 1924, Winston Churchill becomes British chancellor of the Exchequer.

Nov. 7, 1929, Thomas Elder auction of Guttag Brothers Collection begins.

Nov. 7, 2006, American Numismatic Rarities sells Emery May Norweb Washingtoniana collection.

Nov. 8, 1963, last delivery of Series 1953C $5 United States notes.

Nov. 9, 1981, bullion transfers from New York Assay Office to West Point Bullion Depository begin.

Week of Nov. 11 to 17

Nov. 11, 1898, Lyman Low auction of Benjamin Betts Collection begins.

Nov. 12, 1881, Lincoln National Bank of the City of New York organized.

Nov. 13, 1862, Chicago printer S.S. Millar advertises printing round cardboard change checks.

Nov. 14, 1893, Ed Frossard stages “$100,000 uncurrent paper money” auction.

Nov. 15, 1753, Pennsylvania Gazette warns of great quantities of imported counterfeit English halfpence.

Nov. 17, 1863, John Gault advertises 1,000 “penny tokens of copper” at $7.50 in the Detroit Free Press.

Week of Nov. 18 to 24

Nov. 18, 1907, Mint begins production of 1907 Saint-Gaudens, Roman Numerals, High Relief gold $20 double eagles for circulation.

Nov. 19, 1892, ceremonial first striking of World’s Columbian Exposition half dollar creates flawed first coin and acceptable second example.

Nov. 20, 1936, distribution of San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge half dollars commences.

Nov. 22, 1963, mainland dealers trek to Waikiki for first Cal-Pacific Numismatic Association convention.

Nov. 23, 1981, Jim Scheetz poem “Coins are Only Washers” copyrighted.

Week of Nov. 25 to 30

Nov. 26, 2010, Token and Medal Society celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Nov. 27, 1961, book Getting Started in Coin Collecting by Burton Hobson copyrighted.

Nov. 28, 1950, British East Caribbean Territories introduce dollar-denominated currency.

Nov. 29, 1979, first auction by Bowers and Ruddy Galleries of the John Work Garrett Collection begins.

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