US Coins

The month of May

Week of May 1 to 5

May 1, 1847, cornerstone of Smithsonian Institution laid.

May 1, 1924, Thomas Elder sells Lyman Low Collection.

May 2, 1807, Chief Mint Engraver William Barber born.

May 3, 1864, congressional committee investigates National Currency Bureau after allegations of fraud and promiscuity.

May 4, 1928, Congress authorizes gold medal for flyer Charles A. Lindbergh.

May 5, 1879, Dr. B.F. Taylor sells original Confederate half dollar and Confederate half dollar die to Scott and Co.

Week of May 6 to 12

May 6, 1886, Senate confirms James P. Kimball as U.S. Mint director.

May 7, 1915, Chicago Numismatic Society holds its final meeting.

May 8, 1820, National Botanic Garden, feted on 1997 silver dollar, established.

May 9, 1863, first comptroller of currency, Hugh McCulloch, takes office.

May 10, 1811, Britain adopts paper money as currency to ease an economic crisis.

May 12, 1920, Congress authorizes Pilgrim Tercentenary commemorative half dollar.

Week of May 13 to 19

May 13, 1942, first trial strikes of Jefferson wartime silver 5-cent coins, according to Walter Breen.

May 14, 1973, Congress authorizes gold medal to be presented to widow of baseball great and humanitarian Roberto Clemente.

May 16, 1866, Congress authorizes copper-nickel 5-cent coin denomination.

May 17, 1862, Union Gen. B.F. Butler issues edict prohibiting circulation of Confederate money in New Orleans and environs after May 21.

May 18, 1979, The Buffalo Nickel by Annette Cohen and Ray Druley published.

May 19, 1968, Pioneer Wooden Money Society organized.

Week of May 20 to 26

May 20, 1911, first coinage of Lincoln cent at Denver Mint.

May 21, 1920, Canada’s new 1-cent coin released to circulation.

May 22, 1933, Congress declares all currency in circulation legal tender dollar for dollar as if they were gold.

May 23, 1916, Hermon A. MacNeil’s Standing Liberty quarter dollar galvanos approved subject to minor alterations.

May 24, 2000, first new $5 Lincoln notes with large vignette shipped to banks.

May 25, 1961, bronze copies of Robert Frost congressional medal authorized.

May 26, 1934, Congress authorizes Daniel Boone commemorative half dollar.

Week of May 27 to 31

May 27, 1863, issue of Postage Currency ceased, according to U.S. Treasurer James Gilfillan.

May 28, 1965, Denver Mint officials conclude destruction of silver dollars coined there bearing date 1964.

May 30, 1912, British film, “The Almighty Dollar,” premieres.

May 31, 1861, Confederates close Charlotte Mint.

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