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The month of March

Numismatic events during the month of March include:

Week of March 1-3

March 1, 1793, first Flowing Hair, Chain cents formally delivered by Mint Chief Coiner Henry Voight to Mint Treasurer Tristam Dalton.

March 2, 1839, Congress authorizes one-year interest-bearing notes of $50 and up.

March 3, 1791, congressional joint resolution authorizes a U.S. Mint.

Week of March 4-10

March 4, 1836, charter of Second Bank of the United States expires.

March 5, 1787, New York Legislature reports on copper coinage in circulation.

March 6, 1980, John Wayne’s family receives his posthumous congressional gold medal.

March 7, 1855, Philadelphia Mint medal department formally organized.

March 9, 1776, 60 men appointed to sign Continental Currency.

March 10, 1960, first paid subscription to Coin World received by publisher J.O. Amos; 26 days later first issue rolls off the press, with paid circulation topping 5,000.

Week of March 11-17

March 11, 1988, Great Britain abandons £1 note.

March 12, 1907, sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens suggests to President Theodore Roosevelt his bonneted Indian bust might be suitable for a new 1-cent coin and gold $20 coin.

March 13, 1999, American Numismatic Society Huntington medal awarded to taler expert Dr. John Davenport.

March 14, 1861, Congress authorizes sale of Mint medals to public.

March 15, 1938, Secret Service begins its “Know Your Money” campaign to combat counterfeiting.

March 16, 1861, Francis E. Spinner takes office as U.S. treasurer.

March 17, 1857, San Francisco Alta California reports dissolution of Wass, Molitor & Co.

Week of March 18-24

March 19, 1877, Mint Director Henry Linderman orders melting of 1875-CC and 1876-CC Seated Liberty 20-cent coins.

March 20, 1925, Congress authorizes Norse-American Centennial medal.

March 21, 1929, B. Max Mehl purchases large cent collection of George P. French.

March 24, 1964, first Kennedy half dollars released.

Week of March 25-31

March 25, 1996, redesigned large portrait $100 Federal Reserve note circulates.

March 26, 2007, first-strike ceremony for Washington quarter dollars at Denver Mint.

March 27, 1998, four-coin Proof gold American Eagle sets go on sale.

March 28, 1838, coinage begins at Charlotte Mint with production of gold $5 half eagles, according to Doug Winter.

March 30, 1944, Philadelphia jeweler Israel Switt admits to Secret Service he had sold nine 1933 Saint-Gaudens gold $20 double eagles.

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