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The Month of June: ANA drops adjectival grading

Numismatic events this month include:

Week of June 1 to 7

June 1, 1933, W.A. Julian takes office as U.S. treasurer.

June 2, 1988, The Medal in America, American Numismatic Society Coinage of the America’s Conference proceedings, copyrighted.

June 4, 2009, Guam quarter dollar ceremony held.

June 6, 1680, Massachusetts Mint Master John Hull advises General Court that only small quantities of foreign coins are being brought into the mint for recoinage.

June 7, 1862, Philadelphia’s Great Central Fair, which appears on a Civil War token, opens at noon.

Week of June 8 to 14

June 11, 1866, first Shield 5-cent coins released to public.

June 11, 1965, Thirty-five Denver Mint employees sign affidavits attesting that none of the 1964-D Peace silver dollar blanks or trial pieces were in their possession.

June 13, 1866, Fourteenth Constitutional Amendment repudiating Confederate and Southern States debt, referred to state legislatures for ratification.

June 14, 1858, American Bank Note Co. receives contract to print U.S. obligations.

Week of June 15 to 21

June 15, 1785, Vermont grants Reuben Harmon franchise to coin coppers.

June 16, 1752, Benjamin Franklin conducts kite flying electricity experiment, later depicted on U.S. paper currency.

June 17, 1915, Pacific Coast Numismatic Society organized.

JUNE 18, 1862, Cherokee Nation issues currency payable in Confederate dollars at Tahlequah, Indian Territory.

JUNE 19, 1835, United States purchases New Orleans Mint site.

JUNE 20, 1863, State quarter dollar subject West Virginia admitted to the Union.

JUNE 21, 1862, Confederate $20 notes produced by Col. Blanton Duncan released.

Week of June 22 to 28

JUNE 22, 1976, Proof Bicentennial silver-copper clad quarter dollar minting ends.

JUNE 23, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln vetoes legislation that would have allowed circulation of small notes (less than $5) in District of Columbia.

JUNE 25, 1982, Macmillan Encyclopedic Dictionary of Numismatics by Richard G. Doty published.

JUNE 26, 1942, collector and diplomat John Work Garrett dies.

JUNE 27, 1893, J.W. Scott conducts J.E. Herman Collection auction, whose lots include the defaced Confederate States of America half dollar die that Lyman Low had previously sold to Henry Chapman for $31.

JUNE 28, 1979, Bowers and Ruddy sells Oscar Pearl Collection.

JUNE 29, 1986, American Numismatic Association Board of Governors votes to abandon adjectival grading in favor of Mint State 60 to 70 numerical grading.

Week of June 29 to 30

JUNE 30, 1768, fourth first lady, Elizabeth Monroe, subject of current series of First Spouse gold $10 coins, born.

Fred Reed has been a collector and writer for many years. If you have additions or comments, you can reach him at or P.O. Box 118162, Carrollton, TX 75011-8162, and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

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