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The Month of July: Clark, Gruber & Co. coins gold

Numismatic events during the month of July include:

Week of July 1 to 7

July 1, 1865, last date to fund Confederate notes under Act of Dec. 29, 1864; ironically by this date war was over and notes were worthless.

July 2, 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt approves $1 note back design with Great Seal reverse at left and obverse at right.

July 3, 1852, Congress approves establishing Branch Mint in San Francisco.

July 4, 1790, Standish Barry silver threepence bears this date.

July 5, 1865, William P. Wood becomes first chief of the Secret Service.

July 6, 1785, Congress approves dollar unit and decimal coinage.

July 7, 1904, Chapman Brothers sell large cent collection of Ralph R. Barker.

Week of July 8 to 14

July 8, 1685, John Hull delivers Massachusetts silver coins from 217-troy-ounce deposit received June 17th.

July 8, 1997, release date for Jackie Robinson commemorative silver dollar and gold $5 coin.

July 9, 1795, James Swan pays off the $2,024,899 U.S. national debt.

July 10, 1929, first current-sized U.S. paper currency placed in circulation.

July 11, 1804, first U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton mortally wounded in duel with Aaron Burr.

July 12, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signs into law act establishing the Medal of Honor.

July 14, 1862, Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase advises Congress to monetize postage stamps for change.

Week of July 15 to 21

July 15, 1946, House passes bills for Booker T. Washington and Iowa Centennial half dollars.

July 16, 1990, Congress authorizes Mount Rushmore 50-cent, $1 and $5 commemorative coins.

July 17, 1978, Mint Director Stella Hackel testifies at Senate Banking Committee hearing on Susan B. Anthony mini-dollar.

July 18, 1794, first deposit of silver at Mint for coinage.

July 20, 1860, first gold coins struck by Clark, Gruber & Co.

July 21, 1960, dealer Harry Forman’s full page ad in Coin World of this date offers to pay $12.50 for each 1960 Proof set with Small Date cent, or $9,500 for a $50 bag of Philadelphia Mint Lincoln, Small Date cents.

Week of July 22 to 28

July 22, 1948, Gilroy Roberts becomes Mint chief engraver.

July 23, 1844, Mint engraver Christian Gobrecht dies.

July 23, 1946, Canadian officials begin removal from circulation of Tombac 5-cent coins.

July 24, 1999, 1,000th meeting of Pacific Coast Numismatic Society.

July 26, 1846, Congress authorizes Treasury notes to finance war with Mexico.

Week of July 29 to 31

July 31, 1792, laying of Philadelphia Mint cornerstone.

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