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The month of July: U.S. buys site to establish Mint

Numismatic events during July include:

Week of July 1 to 7

July 1, 1839, New Orleans Mint closed due to yellow fever epidemic.

July 2, 1885, Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper reports $1 million in bullion missing at New Orleans Mint.

July 3, 1925, sales of Stone Mountain half dollars commence.

July 4, 1790, Thomas Jefferson reports to Congress on Plan for Establishing a Uniform Currency.

July 5, 1865, Treasury Secretary Hugh McCulloch swears in William P. Wood as first Secret Service chief.

July 7, 1899, dealers S.H. and H. Chapman sell purported Confederate cent dies to Judson Brenner.

Week of July 8 to 14

July 8, 1816, Alexandria, D.C., emits municipal fractional change notes.

July 9, 1792, George Washington approves purchase of house and lot for the establishment of a Mint.

July 10, 1832, President Andrew Jackson vetoes Bank of the United States bill.

July 11, 1864, gold price of greenbacks drops to 39 cents on the dollar, lowest point in war.

July 12, 1882, Congress creates Second Charter Period, extends charters of existing national banks for 20 years.

July 13, 1876, act establishes that “the trade dollar shall not hereafter be a legal tender.”

July 14, 1864, second Confederate Treasury Secretary George A. Trenholm takes office.

Week of July 15 to 21

July 15, 1929, first small-size Series 1929 national bank notes are issued.

July 16, 1935, world’s first parking meter installed in Oklahoma City, Okla.

July 17, 1793, Mint Chief Coiner Henry Voigt delivers final 176 Wreath cents to Mint Treasurer Tristam Dalton.

July 18, 1792, United States purchases two lots in Philadelphia from Frederick and Christiana Hailer as Mint site.

July 20, 1985, Mel Fisher’s Treasure Salvors Inc. locates wreck of Spanish treasure galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha.

July 21, 1869, Treasury Secretary George M. Boutwell sanctions use of distinctive colored fiber paper for U.S. paper money.

Week of July 22 to 28

July 23, 1861, the last Confederate Montgomery $500 notes issued.

July 24, 2006, Gov. Jim Risch of Idaho unveils State quarter dollar design depicting peregrine falcon.

July 26, 1779, Continental Congress authorizes gold medal for Maj. Gen. Anthony Wayne.

July 27, 1837, Charlotte Mint begins assaying gold.

July 28, 1964, Congress OKs minting 45 million silver dollars, appropriating $6,000 for costs of minting.

Week of July 29 to 31

July 29, 1998, Congress authorizes gold medal for Nelson Mandela.

July 31, 1792, laying of Philadelphia Mint cornerstone.

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