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The month of January

Numismatic events during the month of January include:

Week of Jan. 1 to 7

Jan. 1, 1735, Massachusetts Colonial note engraver and printer Paul Revere born.

Jan. 2, 1892, Philadelphia Mint produces first Barber dimes.

Jan. 3, 1862, federal government suspends specie payments.

Jan. 6, 1948, Treasury Department announces Franklin half dollar to be issued.

Jan. 7, 1913, the first experimental Indian Head 5-cent coins struck.

Week of Jan. 8 to 14

Jan. 8, 2000, U.S. Mint conducts “anti-tarnish tests” on Sacagawea dollar blanks struck with experimental Martha Washington, Mount Vernon designs.

Jan. 9, 1832, officials of Bank of the United States petition Senate for renewal of bank’s charter.

Jan. 10, 1866, total number of national banks now doing business throughout the country is 1,626.

Jan. 11, 1983, last delivery of Series 1977 $50 Federal Reserve notes.

Jan. 13, 1988, 400th Stack’s numismatic auction conducted.

Jan. 14, 1960, Florida United Numismatists incorporated.

Jan. 15, 1902, Shelby County Democrat reports “Head of a Suicide [Meriwether Lewis] on the new $10 bill.”

Week of Jan. 15 to 21

Jan. 16, 1915, Congress accepts Panama-Pacific International Exposition Company’s proposal for silver half dollar and gold dollar, $2.50 quarter eagle and round and octagonal $50 coins.

Jan. 17, 1917, Standing Liberty quarter dollars released to circulation.

Jan. 18, 1929, beginning of Mellon-Woods joint tenure as Treasury secretary and treasurer.

Jan. 20, 1801, fire damages Treasury Building.

Jan. 20, 1908, Benjamin Betts named honorary president of the American Numismatic Society.

Jan. 21, 1801, President John Adams communicates to Congress Mint director’s report on value of Spanish milled doubloons.

Week of Jan. 22 to 28

Jan. 22, 1879, last sheets of Lazy Deuce $2 First Charter national currency issued.

Jan. 23, 1862, New York Times reports demand notes to be made legal tender.

Jan. 24, 1809, treasure ship Admiral Gardner lost at sea.

Jan. 25, 1861, Daniel Ullmann sends President-elect Abraham Lincoln a medal of Henry Clay.

Jan. 27, 1862, Confederate Congress establishes assay office at former New Orleans Mint.

Jan. 28, 1985, actress Michelle Johnson (Blame it on Rio) purchases Dr. Jerry Buss’ 1894-S Barber dime.

Week of Jan. 29 to 31

Jan. 29, 1793, Henry Voigt becomes chief coiner at Mint.

Jan. 30, 1978, NASCA sale of Q. David Bowers obsolete currency collection begins.

Jan. 31, 1946, Roosevelt dime enters circulation.

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