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The month of February

Numismatic events during the month of February include:

Week of Feb. 1 to 4

Feb. 1, 1936, new Canadian dollar coin design authorized following death of King George V.

Feb. 2, 1787, James Atlee petitions New York Legislature for copper coinage contract.

Feb. 3, 1784, Congress authorizes interest-bearing parchment certificates to pay foreign officers.

Week of Feb. 5 to 11

Feb. 5, 1864, George H. Perrine revives flagging American Numismatic Society by inviting group to meet at his home.

Feb. 6, 1864, Confederate Congress votes to ban U.S. paper currency from Confederacy.

Feb. 7, 1979, Smithsonian Institution unveils highlights from the Chase Manhattan Bank Collection.

Feb. 8, 1980, General Services Administration sale offers Carson City Mint silver dollars.

Feb. 8, 1996, federal agents seize Fenton example of 1933 gold $20 double eagle.

Feb. 9, 1793, Congress passes an act regulating legal tender value of foreign coins.

Feb. 10, 1859, Boston Transcript identifies Martha Washington as model for 1792 half disme.

Feb. 11, 1965, U.S. Senate approves Frank Gasparro as Mint chief engraver.

Week of Feb. 12 to 18

Feb. 12, 1873, act demonetizes silver, eliminates silver dollar.

Feb. 13, 1861, Alexander B. Clitherall becomes Confederate register of Treasury.

Feb. 14, 1852, John L. Moffat withdraws from Moffat & Co.

Feb. 15, 1710, medals and coins collector King Louis XV of France born.

Feb. 16, 1874, last issue of Dexter 50-cent fractional currency notes.

Feb. 17, 1913, Philadelphia Mint commences coining Indian Head 5-cent coins.

Feb. 18, 1840, Mississippi prohibits private issues of scrip.

Week of Feb. 19 to 25

Feb. 21, 1853, Congress authorizes gold $3 coin.

Feb. 22, 1983, Robert J. Leuver sworn in as 21st director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Feb. 23, 1879, special ceremony at New Orleans Mint attended by Treasury secretary marks resumption of dollar coinage after 18 years.

Feb. 23, 1998, University of Notre Dame Special Collections numismatic website goes online.

Feb. 24, 1853, act limits legal tender status of half dollars, quarter dollars, dimes, half dimes to a maximum of $5.

Feb. 25, 1862, Sotheby sale of the King Farouk Collection of coins and medals begins.

Week of Feb. 26 to 29

Feb. 26, 1797, Bank of England issues first £1 note.

Feb. 27, 1923, Congress authorizes Huguenot-Walloon commemorative half dollar.

Feb. 28, 1878, Bland-Allison Act authorizes silver purchase, silver certificates and standard silver dollar coinage.

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