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The month of April

Numismatic events during the month of April include:

Week of April 1 to 7

April 1, 1807, John Reich employed as diesinker at federal Mint in Philadelphia.

April 2, 1861, Humphrey Copley patents photographic presidential campaign medals.

April 3, 1961, American Numismatic Association sets up home and headquarters building fund.

April 4, 1863, 10-penny nails circulate at an equivalent of 5 cents in Augusta, Ga.

April 5, 1861, Confederate States of America Montgomery $50 and $100 notes first issued.

April 6, 1908, new American Numismatic Society Audubon Terrace building dedicated.

April 7, 1914, Ingle System trade token patent date.

Week of April 8 to 14

April 8, 1977, New York City Playboy Club ends redemption of its $2 Bunny Money.

April 9, 1879, former New Orleans coiner Dr. B.F. Taylor reveals existence of Confederate half dollars.

April 10, 1838, first deposit of gold bullion at New Orleans Mint.

April 11, 1969, export ban on U.S. silver coins, which began May 18, 1967, lifted.

April 12, 1850, California Legislature authorizes state assay office.

April 13, 1841, Michigan issues 6 percent interest-bearing Treasury notes.

April 14, 1790, Thomas Jefferson apprises House of Representatives on plan for supplying United States with a copper coinage.

Week of April 15 to 21

April 15, 1854, first gold coinage of $20 double eagles at San Francisco Mint.

April 16, 1966, President Lyndon Johnson signs legislation authorizing national medal for ANA’s 75th anniversary.

April 17, 1881, H.G. Sampson holds auction in New York City.

April 18, 1906, San Francisco Mint survives earthquake.

April 19, 1793, Mint runs out of planchets and suspends coinage of Flowing Hair, Wreath cents.

April 20, 1938, Felix Schlag informed that he had won the Jefferson 5-cent coin design competition.

April 21, 1960, first dated issue of Coin World.

Week of April 22 to 28

April 22, 1985, Christie’s auction of Norweb Collection of Canadian coins and paper money.

April 23, 1904, Congress authorizes new design for Medal of Honor.

April 25, 1987, construction begins on Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s Fort Worth, Texas, printing plant.

April 26, 1991, official opening for BEP Western Currency Facility at Fort Worth.

April 27, 1857, Mint Director James Ross Snowden issues circular for exchange of Spanish silver for copper-nickel cents.

April 28, 1933, Senate approves Nellie Tayloe Ross as first female Mint director.

Week of April 29 to 30

April 30, 1829, United States purchases new Philadelphia Mint site for $31,666.67.

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