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The Louis E. Eliasberg Collection

In 1925, Baltimore banker and financier Louis E. Eliasberg discovered the world of numismatics. Intrigued by the art and history of coins, and aware of their potential as a store of value and an investment, he set about building what by 1950 became a unique accomplishment: A complete collection of every United States coin date and mintmark ,from the 1793 half cent to the 1933 double eagle, plus incredible commemoratives, colonials, patterns and territorial gold. Nothing like this had been done before. Nothing like this will ever be done again.

After his passing in 1976, his family contacted us and consigned his remarkable collection to us. In a series of sales we presented The Eliasberg Collection at auction. Record after record was broken —including in 1996 when his 1913 Liberty Head nickel became the first coin ever to cross the million-dollar mark. Once the sale was completed, the collection realized close to $60 million — tied with our more recent sale of The John J. Ford, Jr. Collection in the same range. These are the two most valuable collections ever sold at auction. Next in the record book is the third most valuable collection sold at auction — The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection, which realized over $40 million. We also hold the world record for the highest price ever realized for single coins — the 1804 dollar at over $4.4 million and the 1933 double eagle at over $7.5 million.

Year in and year out, dating back to our founding in 1933 and our first auction in 1935, we have sold more collections and more rarities, and have established more records than any other rare coin auction firm in history. And momentum continues with the recently consigned Cardinal Collection!

The Cardinal Collection includes some of the rarest and finest American coins, including a 1793 Wreath cent certified as MS-69, the only large cent of any date to achieve this grade. The 1794 dollar certified as Specimen-66 is far and away the finest example of the first American dollar. The Cardinal Collection will be offered as part of our New York Americana Sale, January 22-24, 2013, where we expect more records to be set!

There are still a few slots available for our three-day Americana Sale. If you have choice or rare coins, tokens or medals, we would be honored to showcase them. The market is very strong, and the sale offers an incredible opportunity.

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