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The Cardinal Collection and You

Once or twice in a decade there is an opportunity you can catch a flood tide and ride the crest to success. This is when a truly great, single-owner collection comes to market and there is a window for others to sell their coins, tokens, and medals in the same venue. “Others” can include you!

The Cardinal Collection, formed by Martin Logies, one of America’s best-known connoisseurs, offers such an opportunity! Laden with rarities, when all is said and done, it will enter the record books as one of the most valuable United States coin collections ever sold.

We cannot refrain from mentioning that when the other greatest collections were sold — The Norweb Collection at $25 million, The Garrett Collection (for The Johns Hopkins University) at $25 million, The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection at $45 million, and The Louis E. Eliasberg Collection and The John J. Ford, Jr. Collection, each challenging $60 million — we sold them. For full disclosure, we give a nod to the one exception in this elite category — The Pittman Collection sold by our fine, late colleague, David W. Akers. That’s it. No other auction company has come even close!

The Cardinal Collection will anchor our three-day Americana Sale, a famous annual tradition, to be held in New York City January 22-24, 2013, which is only weeks away. Offered will be coins, tokens, and medals in all series, ranging from popular issues valued in the hundreds or thousands of dollars into the seven-figure range … keep an eye out for the finest known prooflike 1794 dollar from The Cardinal Collection, and watch it go!

You can reap a harvest, catch the tide, and ride the crest of this world-class event. Collectors, dealers, investors, and museums from all over the world will be bidding and setting records. What an opportunity!

There is a catch: the clock is running out, as are the available space positions. At this late date if you have a consignment worth in the tens of thousands of dollars upward we will probably be able to include it. Our rates are extremely competitive, cash advances are available, and our record of auction success is unequalled.

If you act quickly, you can be part of one of the greatest events in American numismatics! Contact a consignment specialist today to discuss consigning a single item, medal or an entire collection this popular event eagerly anticipated by Americana collectors.

Call 800.458.4646 (West Coast) or 800.566.2580 (East Coast).

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