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The 2021-S Silver Proof set sales start in April

The 2021-S Silver Proof and Limited Edition Silver Proof sets will include .999 fine silver versions of the George Washington Crossing the Delaware quarter dollar. Illustrated is the clad Proof coin.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

The 2021-S Silver Proof set, to be offered by the U.S. Mint beginning at noon Eastern Time April 20, will be a seven-coin numismatic product and include the two quarter dollars designated for 2021.

Four of the seven coins in the set will be struck on planchets of .999 fine silver — the Roosevelt dime, Kennedy half dollar, the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site quarter dollar and the Washington Crossing the Delaware quarter dollar.

The Tuskegee quarter dollar is the 56th and final coin in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, introduced in 2010.

The Washington Crossing the Delaware coin is being issued under a provision of Public Law 110-456, which authorized the 56-coin America the Beautiful Quarters Program, and included two provisions about successor coins. The theme for the replacement coin was designated in the legislation, and was intended as the “permanent” and static design for the denomination. However, legislation authorizing a new 56-coin program honoring women to begin in 2022 may result in the design being used for less than a year.

The remaining coins in the 2021 Silver Proof set are the Lincoln copper-plated zinc cent (with two platings of pure copper rather than the one given to circulating strikes); the Jefferson copper-nickel 5-cent coin; and the Native American manganese brass-clad dollar.

The same coins will be part of the 2021 Limited Edition Silver Proof set, tentatively slated for release sometime in the fall, according to the Mint’s product catalog.

The U.S. Mint has not yet released pricing information for either set, nor indicated whether either would have a product limit.

Sculptor John Flanagan’s original portrait of Washington, used on the obverse of the Washington quarter dollar from 1932 through 1998, was reduced 15% in size for a rendering by then U.S. Mint Sculptor Engraver William Cousins.

That reduced portrait was introduced on the State quarter dollar series in 1999 and carried forward to the America the Beautiful program in 2010.

For the 2021 Gen. George Washington Crossing the Delaware quarter dollar, Flanagan’s original obverse is restored to its full canvas on the planchet.

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