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Guest Commentary: Texas Numismatic Association promotes hobby education

For more than three decades, I have been actively involved in numismatics, having held numerous club and committee positions. I have attended the American Numismatic Association Summer Seminar for 18 consecutive years and wrote this commentary from this year’s seminar. Enjoying and promoting numismatic education has always been a passion of mine and is one of the primary reasons I decided to run for president of the Texas Numismatic Association.

The TNA was founded in January 1960 as a nonprofit organization to promote numismatic education. In addition to existing programs, the board of governors recently approved five new educational programs designed to further promote the hobby throughout the state.

Three of these programs are designed to assist member clubs in their efforts to provide numismatic education in their communities.

One of these programs is intended to financially assist clubs likely to be successful at hosting a local coin show but lacking the necessary start-up funds.

The second program allows member clubs to apply for an annual grant, with the funds to be used specifically to host an event promoting numismatic education to young numismatists.

The third outreach program allows member clubs to apply for an annual grant for special numismatic activities such as a numismatic display to be exhibited at a bank or other public location.

The final two programs support education to benefit individual members. One of these is a grant to attend the ANA Summer Seminar, and the other allows members to add to their personal numismatic libraries. In the fall, random drawings determine the recipients of two Summer Seminar and 10 library grants.

In addition to these new programs, the TNA has a number of long-standing educational programs.

Our spring conventions also feature both adult and young numismatist educational programs. In fact, our youth auction has been so successful that we have had to add a second auction to accommodate all of the interested kids. Ninety-three kids took part in this year’s program. Other youth programs include Coins for A’s, a youth newsletter and Boy Scout Coin Collecting Merit Badge workshops. We also introduced a program two years ago where we provide qualifying YNs a table on the bourse floor to sell their own numismatic items under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Educational exhibits are also a very important element of the convention experience.

To commemorate our annual convention Frank Galindo has designed 32 medals over the past 26 years. Frank diligently selects a notable Texan rich in historical significance to feature on the medal each year.

Editor Ron Kersey publishes an award-winning bimonthly magazine, The TNA News, which includes feature articles, and covers local club news as well as a host of other information.

An early supporter of the Numismatic Crime Information Center, the TNA continues to provide financial support. The NCIC is a nonprofit organization founded by Doug Davis and acts as a clearinghouse to help solve numismatic crimes and return stolen items to their rightful owners.

The Texas Numismatic Association can be located on the web at Webmaster David Kerr-Burke has recently added archived issues of The TNA News, an archive that has proven to be a very popular feature and useful research tool.

For additional information contact me at

Debbie Williams has been involved in the coin collecting hobby for more than three decades. She can be reached at

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