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Tell everyone, and have fun

Over the years I’ve heard many people say that coin club membership is falling. Many people talk about bringing kids into the clubs, which of course is a great idea. However, many say they don’t know how to get them there. It’s fairly simple, really.

Kids are under 18. They do not drive cars so you must get the adults in their families interested. Since parents work, or may have other kids to care for, get the grandparents in the club, and once they see how fun it is, they can bring the grandkids along. 

You don’t need anything fancy to get people to come to your club meetings. At the Madison Heights Coin Club (Madison Heights, Mich.), I sell some cheap Proof sets, and I ask local dealers and collectors to be our guests and give a talk on a subject they know well. For doing this we give them a $25 gift card for a nice restaurant. We have an ice cream social in June, and a Christmas dinner in December, all paid for by the club. At each meeting we give away three silver Proof Eisenhower dollars as an attendance prize to members. 

When I tell local collectors about all we offer, and that dues are only $4 for kids, $10 for adults, and $6 for persons 65 years and over per year, they quickly sign up! Membership has nearly doubled since I became president and started new programs. 

You just have to tell people about the club! And have fun activities for them. It’s that simple!

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