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Super Bowl game to start with symbolic ‘coin’ toss

The Highland Mint is creating the medal for Super Bowl LVII “coin” toss.

Images courtesy of The Highland Mint.

The end of the NFL playoff games on Jan. 29 signaled a new beginning for a group of employees at a manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Florida. With the two teams finalized for competition in Super Bowl LVII, the Highland Mint could get down to the work of making the medal to be used for the “coin” toss to start the big game.

“We start production right away when the game ends,” said Highland Mint Executive Vice President Vincent Bohbot. “Our staff is there, ready to go to work once we know who will be playing in the Super Bowl.”

For nearly 30 years, the Highland Mint has produced the medals used in the ceremonial coin toss to start the Super Bowl game, a separate example needed for any overtime period, and the pieces to be distributed to dignitaries by the NFL. The NFL takes the first 100 medals minted. The remaining 9,900 pieces of the collectible’s mintage are offered to the public.

“The game doesn’t start without us,” said Bohbot.

About 150 employees have a hand in the production cycle, preparing materials, designing the look, making the dies, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. The numbered medals, “about the size of a silver dollar,” weigh about 1 ounce. On one side of each plated medal is the commissioner’s signature, game location and date, Super Bowl logo and the Vince Lombardi trophy given to the winning team. The opposite side includes logos of the two competing teams and the medal’s serial number.

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