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Steven Ellsworth seeks election to ANA Board of Governors

The following is a press release provided by Steven Ellsworth:

Retired Army Colonel, Steven Ellsworth, a lifelong numismatist as well as an active volunteer leader serving on numerous state, regional and national coin clubs, associations and committees, is seeking election to the American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) Board of Governors (July 2015).

A well-known champion who is often heard praising the joys, satisfaction and rewards of coin-collecting, Ellsworth has published hundreds of coin-collecting articles that expound the benefits and value of belonging to professional numismatic societies such as the ANA.

After his retirement from active duty, Ellsworth parlayed his childhood to adult hobby into becoming a full-time Numismatist and Dealer; he is the principal owner of Butternut Coins (Virginia).

Since 2000, COL Ellsworth has served the ANA as one of their more popular summer seminar instructors; and, has also served on the ANA’s membership and finance committees. He has received numerous awards for his synergetic leadership of the ANA; recognition includes three ANA Presidential awards, outstanding District and Regional Coordinator as well as several of the ANA’s esteemed Literary Awards. Other state organizations in Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia Numismatic Clubs have also recognized Ellsworth for his literary talents and servitude contributions.

COL Ellsworth served on the National Silver Dollar Roundtable Board (2002-2013); he is also the former president of the Virginia Numismatic Association and the ANA District Coordinator for Virginia, as well as Regional Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic States.

Since 2002, he also serves as a frequent contributor to the RED BOOK. He is a Life Member of the following: the ANA, American Numismatic Society, Alabama, Blue Ridge, Colonial Collectors (C-4), Civil War Token Society, EAC, FUN, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Silver Dollar Round Table and Virginia Numismatic Associations.

For the past sixteen years, COL Ellsworth has published security-awareness articles (“Best Secured Coin Shows”) in The Numismatist, Numismatic News and other leading state and national publications that offer hobbyists and business dealers with crime-prevention tips, alerts and techniques to help safe-guard their collections, sales inventory and lives!

His personal collecting interests are Large Cents by Sheldon and Newcomb dies variety, Hard-Times and Civil War Tokens.

If elected, Ellsworth states, “I would like to assist in the development of charitable program that supports ANA’s long-term goals, including its educational, technological and scholarship programs which will help keep the hobby interesting and fun, ultimately, drawing future generations to the hobby.

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