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Starting school year with club

Steve Roach’s Editorial in the March 24, 2014, issue of Coin World has inspired me to take a leap of faith. I work at Hampton Academy in Hampton, N.H., as a custodian and recently approached the principal of the school with an idea of starting a coin club. The plan would be to meet after school, once per week, for an hour. He is very receptive to the idea.

Now, I am not a “Big Time” collector. I consider myself to be more of an accumulator, and I have been accumulating for more than 25 years. I would like to share the joy and wonderment of finding a new coin with the kids; going through pocket change, wondering where that coin has traveled, and who may have once held it.  

My hope is to have our first coin club meeting at the beginning of the next school year, September 2014. 

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