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Stars of 'Diggers' hosting ANA Summer Seminar workshop

The stars of National Geographic Channel’s Diggers will host a full-day metal-detecting workshop at the American Numismatic Assocation (ANA) 2014 Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs, Colo.

During the June 27 workshop, Tim "The Ringmaster" Saylor and George "King George” Wyant will be on hand to teach the basics of metal-detecting and provide advice on how to find coinage.

Those attending ther "Digging for Dollars” workshop will take an 8:30 a.m. bus to a private area where they’ll get real field experience. 

The workshop will include information on detector types and settings, metal-detecting ethics, tools and accessories, advice on where to search, how to identify different types of signals from the metal detector, and hands-on training in the field. Also included is a picnic lunch and promotional giveaways, such as tokens, T-shirts, hats, videos, books, and more.

"We are extremely excited to be collaborating with the stars from 'Diggers,' ” ANA education project manager Susan McMillan said. "This is a rare opportunity to rub shoulders with celebrities 'KG' and 'Ringy.' Members and 'Diggers' fans alike are in for a real treat.”

Saylor got into metal-detecting because he’s a coin collector himself. 

"It will be awesome to be there in June, to get to meet people and work with them one-on-one,” Saylor said. "There is a ton of info online about metal detecting, but nothing replaces the hands-on, one-on-one contact.” 

Diggers chronicles the adventures of Saylor and Wyant as they travel the country in search of lost historical artifacts. 

National Geographic Channel describes the show’s personalities: "Their enthusiasm is contagious, their humor quirky, and their vocabulary ... one of a kind. 'KG' and 'Ringy’ are kids at heart, driven not by money, but the thrill of not knowing what their next dig will unearth."

Space in “Digging for Dollars” is limited to 40 participants and the registration fee is $235. To register, contact education assistant Amber Bradish at 719-482-9865 or You can also download an enrollment form on the ANA website. 

Attendees need to supply their own metal detectors and associated equipment. Rental options in Colorado Springs will be provided.

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