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Specially struck 2023 Peace dollars randomly shipped

This Uncirculated 2023- P Peace dollar was among 200 struck July 10 at the Philadelphia Mint by U.S. Mint Director Ventris C. Gibson.

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Production at the Philadelphia Mint of Uncirculated 2023-P Peace dollars included 200 coins struck July 10 by U.S. Mint Director Ventris C. Gibson and packaged with certificates of authenticity and “Congratulations” cards announcing the special strike.

The boxed coins struck by Gibson were randomly inserted into shipments to customers who ordered the numismatic product. Sales for the coin opened to the public at noon Eastern Time July 13, priced at $76.

Pre-sales of the coins via the U.S. Mint’s Subscription program were available for weeks before the release. Pre-sales by subscription were also open for the Uncirculated 2023-P Morgan dollar, which also became available for sale and shipping on July 13.

Silver dollars Gibson struck have not been reported by the U.S. Mint to include Uncirculated 2023-P Morgan dollars.

Sales of each product are individually restricted to 275,000 coins.

The certificate of authenticity accompanying the Gibson strikes is imprinted “Director’s Strike / 2023 / Peace Dollar / Philadelphia.” A separate card inserted into the box reads: “Congratulations! This 2023 Peace dollar Uncirculated Coin, minted in Philadelphia, is one of 200 personally struck by the Honorable Ventris C. Gibson, Director of the United States Mint.”

The U.S. Mint’s latest sales report, reflecting sales through July 16, includes coins sold by subscription in advance, as well as those sold from July 13 on; those at the Mint’s sales center at Mint headquarters in Washington, D.C., at contracted sales outlets at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints; and sales at the Mint booth July 13 and 14 in Orlando, Florida, at the Summer Florida United Numismatists Show.

Sales comprise 255,877 single Uncirculated 2023-P Peace dollars and another 7,760 coins sold at bulk discount in 194 of the 40-coin packs.

Uncirculated 2023-P Morgan dollar sales reflect 255,904 single coins and 8,400 additional coins in 210 of the 40-coin bulk discount packs.

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