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Space themes proposed for Texas and Florida 2025 dollars

The Commission of Fine Arts recommends the design for the 2025 American Innovation, Florida dollar coin reverse.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

A proposed reverse design was recommended Feb. 15 to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen for the 2025 American Innovation, Florida dollar coin, but the Commission of Fine Arts suggested the design portfolio proposed for the Texas dollar be reworked and resubmitted for review at the CFA’s next session March 21.

CFA members reviewed nine proposed designs for the Florida dollar, all thematic of the Space Shuttle Program and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Florida.

The CFA’s recommendation illustrates a NASA space shuttle lifting off from Launch Complex 39 at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. Smoke from the solid rocket boosters fills the lower edges of the design and stars are scattered in the upper background.

For the Texas dollar, the CFA reviewed nine proposed designs thematic of NASA’s Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

While favoring elements from two of the nine designs, the panel’s sentiments weren’t strong enough to recommend any of the proposed Texas designs outright.

One preferred design features an American astronaut conducting a spacewalk outside the International Space Station.

The panel’s second preferred design illustrates a view from inside one of the Mission Control rooms in Building 30 at the Johnson Space Center, where a flight controller monitors a space shuttle mission to place a satellite into orbit.

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