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'Slider' 1896-S Barber quarter textbook AU-58

Heritage’s July 12 to 15 auctions at the Summer Florida United Numismatists convention in Orlando offered plenty of always-popular keys, among them several lightly circulated examples.

Alongside the 1913-S Barber quarter dollar and the 1901-S coin, the 1896-S quarter is one of the three key San Francisco Mint issues in the Barber quarter dollar series. It has a relatively low mintage of 188,039 pieces and most of the estimated 1,500 survivors exist in well-worn grades. Collectors were just starting to collect by Mint marks in the 1890s, and it seems few 1896-S Barber quarter dollars were saved at the time of issue. 

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Heritage observed that the nearly Mint State example had “sharp detail and bright, satiny luster in the fields with no mentionable toning,” adding, “A brush of high-point friction and some scattered abrasions determine the grade.” 

It sold for $9,900 and its overall appearance is representative of the PCGS definition for About Uncirculated 58: “Only the slightest friction on the highest points. Virtually full luster.” It is the type of coin sometimes described as “Borderline Uncirculated” or a “Slider.” 

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