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Silver Proof set has no limits in planned August sale

Seven of the 10 coins in the 2023-S Silver Proof set are struck in .999 fine silver.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

The 10-coin 2023-S Silver Proof set will be offered for sale by the U.S. Mint beginning at noon Eastern Time Aug. 22.

The retail price for each set is $130.

Advance orders may be placed via the Mint’s subscription option. No household order size restrictions or mintage limits are in place for the numismatic product.

All of the coins in the set are struck at the San Francisco Mint and exhibit mirrored surfaces and laser-frosted devices. Seven of the 10 coins in the set are stuck on .999 fine silver planchets, and three issues are composed of base metals. The silver coins in the set are the Roosevelt dime, the five 2023-S American Women quarter dollars and the Kennedy half dollar.

The coins are secured in two plastic lenses of five coins each, with the five quarter dollars in one lens and the Jefferson copper-nickel 5-cent coin, Roosevelt silver dime, Kennedy silver half dollar, Lincoln copper-plated zinc cent and Native American manganese-brass clad dollar in the second lens.

The five 2023-S American Women quarter dollars recognize:
➤ Bessie Coleman, African-American aviator.
➤ Edith Kanaka’ole, indigenous Hawaiian composer, chanter, dancer, teacher, and entertainer.
➤ Eleanor Roosevelt, former first lady.
➤ Jovita Idar, Mexican American journalist, suffragist and civil rights activist.
➤ Maria Tallchief, nation’s first Native American prima ballerina.

The 2023-S Native American dollar reverse illustrates Tallchief dancing with other Native American ballerinas.

The Silver Proof set does not include the four 2023 American Innovation manganese-brass clad dollars. Those coins are offered in separate Proof sets. A standard Proof set and a Reverse Proof set featuring the four dollars will be offered in the fall.

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