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Silver dollar specialist updates massive reference

The print version of the two-volume hardcover 2017 edition of The Comprehensive U.S. Silver Dollar Encyclopedia by John W. Highfill at 1,566 pages is double the size of the inaugural 1992 reference.

Collectors, dealers and researchers also have the option to acquire a searchable, digital e-book edition that is stored on a credit-card-sized storage medium that can be inserted into computer devices. Information in the e-book is updated every 90 days, according to Highfill, and the updated versions made available for purchase.

We have plenty on the off-metal 1943 Lincoln CentsWe have plenty on the off-metal 1943 Lincoln Cents and on the origin of Q. David Bowers’ column: A reader wonders how much his 1943 cent struck on a dime planchet is worth, while a long-time numismatist wonders why the origins of two new bronze 1943 cents were revealed.

The pages in the print edition are evenly divided between the two volumes and encompass more than 3 million words in 100 chapters.

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The reference includes thousands of charts and graphs, as well as images of both toned and brilliant silver dollars. Highfill covers the silver dollar collecting field by series, starting with the Flowing Hair coins, followed by Draped Bust issues, Gobrecht dollars, Seated Liberty dollars, Morgan dollars, Trade dollars and Peace dollars.

The encyclopedia covers the history behind each series, including authorizing legislation and the production of each series at multiple U.S. Mint facilities. The book also features extensive coverage and accounts of coin hoards, with contributions from leading professional numismatists spanning the hobby over several decades. It also includes dedicated information to varieties and rarities within each series, as well as pricing details, auction performances, and pedigree information.

The suggested retail price for the two-volume book is $395 and the e-book is priced at $99. For a limited time, Highfill is offering the print book at an introductory price of $299.

The printed and e-book versions are available through, Barnes and Noble, eBay Books, and wherever hobby books are sold.

The books are also available as personal signed copies and e-books from John Highfill, Highfill Press LLC, P.O. Box 25, Broken Arrow, OK &4013-0025. 

Telephone Highfill at 918-254-8931 or 918-814-8054. 

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