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Selling Coins Like A Pro

Everyone who sells Gold and Silver wants a fair price. But professionals —serious sellers and dealers — need a little more. They need a buyer that has the infrastructure to quickly process large, multi-product sales and the cash flow to pay quickly.

Fast Processing and Payment, Even for Large Sales

First things first: A good price doesn’t guarantee a good deal. Your cash can be tied up past the point of comfort if your buyer doesn’t have the infrastructure to receive and promptly authenticate your products. They also must have cash to release payment.

At companies like APMEX, your package is received in a secure bay, then opened and expertly checked – item-by-item, on camera – in a high security vault. Even though the minimum is only $1,000, APMEX processes and releases payment for $100,000+ sales within 24 hours of the merchandise’s receipt. Cash on Confirmation (COC) accounts are also available to qualified dealers.

A Ready Market Paying Competitive Prices

Companies like APMEX need to pay competitive prices to stay in business. APMEX makes markets in more than 7,000 products, some in enormous quantities, so APMEX always buys. They buy when prices are up. They buy when prices are down. They buy to replenish inventory.

And they buy with complete price transparency. Spot prices are updated on the APMEX web site every 60 seconds. Current retail buy prices are posted for many coins and bullion products on the web site. Qualifying dealers, those who buy and sell in greater volume, can call the wholesale trading group for special pricing.

APMEX may not pay “top dollar” for every individual product, but they pay very competitive prices on the largest range of items in the industry. Chances are, you can get a good price on a large shipment of many products with one phone call to APMEX.

Reputation and Service

Unscrupulous dealers can be found at every level of the coin business. However, APMEX has been in business for more than ten years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

You can reach knowledgeable traders from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT, Mondays through Fridays. Dedicated representatives are assigned to almost every account.

So it’s relatively easy to get prices and service that meet your needs. Just sell to a buyer like APMEX. Call them at 1 800 375 9006 for more information.

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