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Why an empty coin board sold for more than $500

A new record price for any coin collecting board was established with the Sept. 20 ebay sale of the Earl & Koehler board for Lincoln cents. The board realized $569, more than double the previous estimate.

Images courtesy of South Park Coins and eBay.

A rare coin board established a new price record during an eBay auction that closed Sept. 20.

According to specialist and author David Lange, who has tracked the coin collecting board market for years, the rare Earl & Koehler brand coin board sold for $569, more than twice what a similar board has sold for previously. Shipping and handling are an additional $5.95.

The piece was sold by South Park Coins of Forney, Texas. The buyer’s name was not revealed.

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The board did not contain any coins.

According to Lange, “Collectors of vintage coin boards know all too well that the E&K brand is the rarest among the seven publishers of large coin boards during the years 1935 to 1948.”

Lange’s research suggests that only four titles were offered by this Portland, Ore., company, and all were printed in 1939. 

The board, which set a new record for any coin board sale, is Lange Variety EK1cAb.1 as cataloged in the book Coin Collecting Boards of the 1930s & 1940s (which Lange authored), and it is one of just three confirmed to still exist. 

The board grades Very Fine, Lange indicated, based on the photos provided in the auction listing. 

The previous record price for a vintage coin board was held by this same variety. 

“I sold that example just a couple years ago for $230 in a private sale, but I was neither the seller nor buyer in this latest transaction,” Lange said.

The new record holder is in similar condition to the earlier piece, yet with seven bidders participating it brought well over twice as much the earlier transition, Lange noted.

Lange has a website dedicated to the niche topic. 

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