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Schools, banks should do more

In the Letter to the Editor titled “Ignoring the young a mistake,” which appeared in the March 17 issue of Coin World, I would like to add that when I was attending school in the 1950s, there were hobby contests in the school. Each person who had a hobby entered his hobby in the contest by telling and showing the tools needed for the hobby, using elaborate displays. 

The winner was a collector of stamps who got the award for the best-organized display. Also on display was a coin collection of foreign coins. Also, someone exhibited Wheaties cereal boxes that had a coin in each box from various foreign countries. 

Today, what schools encourage stamp and coin collecting? 

In the past, libraries encouraged stamp and coin collecting. Today post offices have a philatelic section for collectors. 

I would like to see the banks promote the numismatic hobby by offering new issues of minted and printed U.S. coins and paper money. What the post offices do for the stamp collector, the banks can do the same for the coin collector by having a numismatic section.

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