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Schechter takes over column

A new author is taking over a popular Coin World monthly column.

Scott Schechter is the new author of “Making Moderns.” The column was introduced in January 2011, as a way of trying to explain the sometimes mysterious field of modern coin collecting that is enjoyed by thousands of Coin World readers.

Coin World Editor Steve Roach said, “I’ve enjoyed writing this column — which replaced ‘Inside Collecting’ — and I’m confident that readers will benefit from Scott’s take on collecting modern coins. His enthusiasm for moderns along with relevant industry experience makes him a great addition to our stellar team of columnists.”

Schechter began working with numismatics in 1994 as an intern at the National Numismatic Collection housed at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

After graduating from Harvard University with a degree in the history of science, he became a dealer in U.S. coins for Pinnacle Rarities in Olympia, Wash. In 2005 he joined Numismatic Guaranty Corp., in Sarasota, Fla., where he is now vice president and works as a grader of U.S. coins.

At NGC, Schechter has worked on the development of the NGC Registry and the firm’s online collection management tools.

He has spoken on modern coins for the Professional Numismatists Guild and at numerous coin shows including the Beijing International Coin Expo and the World Money Fair in Germany. He is co-author with Jeff Garrett of the 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins, which was released by Whitman Publishing in 2010.

Schechter said: “For many years, professionals in the hobby have looked at classic and modern U.S. coins as being two distinct things. To me, much of this distinction has been arbitrary and done a great disservice to modern coin collecting. Fortunately, perceptions are beginning to change and modern coins and classic coins are being treated similarly. Not only do we now see a more robust and fluid secondary market developing for modern issues, but a number of books are being written about modern coinage issues and collecting. Indeed Coin World is at the fore of this movement with its reporting on current issues and columns like Making Moderns.”

Schechter adds, “Because the modern coin segment of the numismatic marketplace is perhaps its most dynamic, there is always something new happening — and often it’s something unexpected.” ¦

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