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Who buried the Saddle Ridge hoard?

The couple who discovered and dug up the Saddle Ridge Hoard in 2013 found the coins in eight metal canisters. After making the initial discovery of a single can, they returned to the site with a metal detector and found seven more cans.

Photo courtesy of Saddle Ridge Hoard discoverers via Kagin’s Inc.

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Who buried the Saddle Ridge Hoard?

The Saddle Ridge Hoard, a cache of valuable gold coins discovered by a couple out on a hike in 2013, excited the collector community when its existence was revealed. However, a mystery remains: Who buried the coins?

California Gold Rush specialist Dan Owens looks at contemporary public records from the late 19th century in an effort to uncover any possible candidates. To learn what he found out, read his feature article, exclusive to the print and digital editions of the March 19 issue of Coin World.

A ‘full torch’ designation is important on what coin?

Collectors of modern U.S. coin series have increasingly focused on well-struck examples, with full details ever more important. For collectors of the Roosevelt dime series, the detail on the torch on the reverse of the coin is the focal point, writes Scott Schechter in his “Making Moderns” column.

Well-struck Roosevelt dimes with full details can earn a “full torch” designation from major third-party grading services. To learn why collectors like these coins with strong strikes, and what to look for on Roosevelt dimes, be sure to read his column in the print or digital editions.

Brutal fight recalled on so-called dollar medals

“Prize fights were illegal in the United States and Great Britain during much of the 19th century, but that didn’t stop two bare-knuckled brawlers from going at it for more than two hours in a bruising battle that became known as the fight of the century,” writes Gerald Tebben in his “Coin Lore” column.

The April 17, 1860, boxing match between America’s John Heenan and England’s Tom Sayers outside of London was illegal, and well-attended until the police arrived to break up the slugfest. Two so-called dollar medals depict the prizefighters and recall the brutality of the event.

Jefferson 5-cent coin rolls deserve a search

Collectors who like to search rolls of coins for interesting finds should not ignore the Jefferson 5-cent coin, writes Bill O’Rourke in his “Found in Rolls” column. However, he writes, “It has been my experience that when I mention looking through 5-cent coins, noses turn up, and I am left defending myself and explaining why I like to search through as many as I can.”

In his latest column, he explains why he likes the series and details some of the unusual and older finds he made recently. Learn what he discovered in his column, exclusive to the digital and print editions of the March 19 issue of Coin World.

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