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Why is this rugged 1800 Draped Bust cent fascinating?

As part of its Sept. 6 to 12 auctions held during the recent Long Beach Coin, Currency, Stamp & Sports Collectible Show, Heritage offered The Padula Family Collection of Large Cents. The top coin in that collection — the fifth finest of 10 known 1795 Flowing Hair, Reeded Edge cents — brought $192,000, but the collection of nearly 400 large cents had something for all budgets. 

Here is one of three of the 32 1800 Draped Bust cents included in the Padula Collection, showing the diversity of early U.S. large cents, a collecting area that offers history at varying price points:

The Lot:

1800 Draped Bust cent, S-197, Very Fine 25

The Price:


The Story:

Many coin varieties have nicknames, like this 1800 Draped Bust cent, Sheldon 197, that is called the “Q” variety since there are die chips at the first 0 of the date that give it the rough appearance of the letter “Q.” Heritage observes that the example in the Padula Collection, graded PCGS Very Fine 25, has “well-blended scratches below the bust but otherwise smooth and pleasing surfaces.” It sold for $780, consistent with what a common example of this date would bring, since the variety, while popular, is readily available.

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It was formerly part of the Robinson S. Brown Jr. Collection that sold at a 1996 Superior auction, and prior to that was owned by G. Lee Kuntz and Del Bland. Members of the club Early American Coppers love a coin with a provenance — an ownership history — that includes stints in prominent collections. After the Heritage sale in Long Beach, the Padula Collection will join this coin’s list of prominent pedigrees.

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