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Dime roll search yields silver Found in Rolls

Found in Rolls column from Feb. 8, 2016, issue of Coin World:

I am not a big fan of creating New Year’s resolutions, but I did make one. I resolved that, during the year 2016, I will search through coin rolls to update my collections of copper-nickel clad United States coinage.

I know, I am not talking about adding any particularly high value coins to my collection, but much of the fun that I have while searching through various denominations of coins comes from filling the blank holes in my coin albums.

I decided to start by working on adding the Roosevelt dimes that I needed to complete a collection of circulation issue coins.

To that end, I picked up 10 rolls of dimes from my local bank. Nine of the rolls were machine wrapped and obviously came from a box of dimes delivered to the bank by a coin counting company. One roll was hand wrapped.

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A thorn in my numismatic side, if you could call it a thorn, was actually the fact that my collection of Roosevelt dimes starting 1965 was filled with all the needed date and Mint-marked coins up until 2002-D dime, except for the 1970 Roosevelt dime.

So, needed to update my collection, would be an example dated 1970 and any pieces from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints beginning in the year 2003 and ending with 2015. I don’t expect to find any dimes dated 2016 this early in the year, so they will not be considered yet. Also not on my list of hoped for finds is the 1996-W Roosevelt dime since they were not struck for general circulation.

The result of my effort was quite good. I did fill that 1970 slot in my album with a fairly nice example, and in another album, I did fill the holes from 2003-P and -D dimes to present, with the exceptions of Denver Mint pieces dating 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

I’ll continue my searching as I am sure that filling in those few blank spaces will be a piece of cake!

Finally, I saved looking through the single hand-wrapped roll until last. I was simply hoping to find a few more copper-nickel coins needed to fill in some of the later dated Denver Mint slots in my album, when I noticed the whiter look of some silver coins in the roll. I was thrilled to find six pre-1965 90 percent silver dimes.

The coins were dated 1954-D, 1957, 1964 and 1964-D (three of the latter).  

While I still have a few coins to find to complete the process of updating my Roosevelt copper-nickel clad dime collection, I think that my initial effort was well rewarded!  

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