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Reverse Proof American Innovation dollar set nears sellout

Sales of the four-coin 2022-S Reverse Proof American Innovation dollar set are inching toward a sellout.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

The U.S. Mint recorded sales Nov. 14 reaching nearly 83% of the maximum authorization of 2022-S Reverse Proof American Innovation dollar sets.

Mint spokesman Michael White indicated to Coin World Nov. 17 that 41,329 of the sets from a maximum of 50,000 sets were recorded sold — 7,833 sets specifically sold on the opening day of public sales and 32,487 sets counted from advance subscriptions from U.S. Mint registered customers.

The four-coin sets are offered at $28 per set.

The sets contain coins with reverse designs representing innovative achievements in the states of Rhode Island (Nathanael Herreshoff’s yacht Reliance), Vermont (snowboarding), Kentucky (bluegrass music), and Tennessee (rural electrification by the Tennessee Valley Authority).

The reverses are paired with a common obverse for the series depicting the Statue of Liberty.

The surface finish is opposite that of a standard Proof coin. A Standard Proof surface contrasts laser frosted devices with mirrored fields.

The Reverse Proof exhibits mirrored design elements against laser-frosted fields.

The Reverse Proof coins are struck on the same presses as the standard Proof coins, each with  a single pair of dies oriented to strike vertically.

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