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Results announced from Best of the Mint survey

The Class I original 1804 Draped Bust dollar is one of five coins from the U.S. Mint’s more than two century production legacy that collectors favored for a Best of the Mint gold coin series.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

More than 29,000 numismatic hobbyists and members of the general public participated in the United States Mint’s 30-day online survey to select their favorites determining the bureau’s top five coin releases. The chosen coins are to be produced in .9999 fine gold in four different sizes in 2026 in celebration of the nation’s semiquincentennial.

During its Feb. 27 YouTube teleconference, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee voted its approval for the Mint’s initiative to numismatically recognize its striking of U.S. coinage as part of  the nation’s 250th anniversary celebration.

The gold coins will to be struck at the West Point Mint in tenth-ounce, quarter-ounce, half-ounce and 1-ounce versions with Matte finishes.

The U.S. Mint additionally plans to produce and release five different 1-ounce .999 fine silver medals, to be struck with completely different designs, at either at the Philadelphia Mint or the San Francisco Mint.

The top five coins from the Best of the Mint survey that will be struck in gold in 2026 (four of which were originally produced and issued in silver) are, in no specific ranking:
➤ Original, Class I, 1804 Draped Bust dollar.
➤ 1907 Saint-Gaudens, Roman Numerals (MCMVII), High Relief gold $20 double eagle.
➤ 1916 Winged Liberty Head dime.
➤ 1916 Standing Liberty quarter dollar.
➤ 1916 Walking Liberty half dollar.

The list of 21 coins listed for voting in the Mint’s late 2023 survey spanned from the first issues struck after the bureau’s establishment by Congress in 1792 to the award-winning 2017 American Liberty, High Relief .9999 fine gold $100 coin.

The Mint opened its month-long survey Nov. 3, 2023. Full details of the survey and the remaining 18 Best of the Mint classic designs can be found online at

According to Mint spokesman Brent Thacker, the tenth-ounce gold coins for each of the five Best of the Mint for 2026 coins (updated 3/21/24) will be denominated as ONE DIME; the quarter-ounce as QUARTER DOLLAR; the half-ounce as HALF DOLLAR; the half-ounce as ONE DOLLAR; and the 1-ounce as TWENTY DOLLARS.

There’s no word yet on what themes will be rendered on the five silver medals as part of the 2026 semiquincentennial celebration.

Mint officials announced during the CCAC’s Feb. 27 teleconference that the gold coins will bear a commemorative privy mark, but not necessarily the Liberty Bell with vertically oriented 250 that was considered in design review separately for the 2026 Lincoln cent and Jefferson 5-cent coin by the CCAC and Commission of Fine Arts.

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